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[News] [2021-10-10 08:30]Breaking News - Full Episode 2 Release

Dear players,

We are pleased to announce of our new update you all waited a long time for, including the FULL Episode 2 upgrade!
Please download the new client here:

Whats New 

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[News] [2021-09-25 17:00][Reset] Grand opening of HasteMU Reset Server

We are proud to announce our newely opened Resets Server!
Small remainder: 30% bonus promotion on all donations is still running until 27/09/21!
Official Server Information are above:

Server Rates

Season: 16
Episode: 1-2
Type: Resets
Stats: Reset
Drop: Medium
Maximum Resets: 30
Maximum Grand Resets: 30
Points Per Reset: 500
Points Per Grand Reset: 1500
Reset Level: 400
Grand Reset Level: 800
Clear Master Level after Grand Reset: Yes
Maximum Level: 1300

Dynamic Exp List &  Milestone Rewards
0-10 Resets:  Exp Normal: 100 Master/Majestic: 50 Milestone Rewards: WCoin: 100, GPoint: 200, Ruud: 1000, Zen: 10M.
11-20 Resets Exp Normal: 80 Master/Majestic: 55 Milestone Rewards: WCoin: 500, GPoint: 800, Ruud: 2000, Zen: 10M.
21-30 Resets Exp Normal: 70 Master/Majestic: 60 Milestone Rewards: WCoin: 1000, GPoint: 1500, Ruud: 3000, Zen: 10M.
Grand Reset Reward: 5000 WCoins

Additional Information

Get 1 Day VIP Upon Registration (Adds 1% Exp, 5% Mix Rate, 5% Bonus Credits for Donation)
Get FREE 1st Lucky Set  With Every New Char!
Get FREE Golden Fenrir when arrive level 1300! (HOT)
Earn 10 GP for every online hour
Earn Random count of WCoins from general Events!
Earn Ruud from all Events!
Pickup Random Ancient Items from Kundun Box +3~5, BC, CC prizes, Kundun, Erohim (*HOT*)
Pickup Dark Jewels from General Drop! (*HOT*)
Pickup All Class high grade excellents from high maps
Pickup Expireable pet box to get 2~8 hours expireable pet! (*HOT*)
Pickup Ruud Box (3000) from general drop (*HOT*)
Pickup Golden Goblin Coin to earn Goblin Points (50) (*HOT*)
Pickup upto 3 Excellent options  Exc opt Weapons
Ruud Box are Stack upto 250! (*HOT*)
Red Fenrir Adds 5 Exp, Blue 10 Exp, Black 20 Exp, Gold 30 Exp
Obtain Lv 2~7 Random Seed Sphere from Seed Capsule (Drop from Bosses)
Obtain Blessed AA / BAA from Blood Castle 5-7 (HOT)
Trade, Sell in Shop or Exchange(Ruud Shop) Ruud Boxes!
Marked Spots on Minimap
Hidden Hot Spots in all maps

Custom MAP: Hunting Ground

Hunt New Boss Raids to obtain crazy loot and goblin points!
Boss and minievents Spawns and Timer: HERE

Full Drop List

missing items  please report!

Full In-Game Commands List


Refferal System

Invite friends and reward 10% of their donations, 
and 500 WCoins if they REACH LV 850. HERE

Off Leveling

Normal Player have 8 Hours to use Offlevel function
VIP Player have 24 hours to use Offlevel function
Slow Speed attack  No more!
Automated items repair
Automated Pickup items List: HERE

In-Game Shops

All Quest Items
All skills
All Potions
All Event (Wcoin) Tickets
Stats Skill Tree Reset
Inventory Vault expander

Moss Mercent Weapon Box

5M Zen each draw
Upto Lv 380 Weapons for ALL CLASSES
Upto 3 Excellent options
50% Luck Rate
Moss Drop list: HERE

Moss Unique Exchange System

Visit Moss mercent in order to: 

Trade 50 Bless for 1 Miracle Coin
Exchange 50 Bless for 100 Soul
Exchange 100 Soul for 50 Bless
Exchange 200 Chaos for 50 Bless
Exchange 200 Creation for 50 Soul
Exchange 50 Harmony for 25 Bless or Soul

Vote For Credits

Vote in our website every 12 hours to recieve FREE Wcoins each 12 hours[!]
In order to recieve the WCoins please login to your account and visit VoteReward page.


Chaos Machine Rates


Mix10Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 75
Mix11Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 70
Mix12Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 65
Mix13Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 60
Mix14Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 55
Mix15Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 50
MixAddLuckRate_Normal/Enhanced = 25


Mix10Rate_Pentagram = 95
Mix11Rate_Pentagram = 90
Mix12Rate_Pentagram = 85
Mix13Rate_Pentagram = 80
Mix14Rate_Pentagram = 75
Mix15Rate_Pentagram = 70


FeatherOfCondorMaxRate = 60
CapeOfLordMixMaxRate = 90
CapeOfLordMixLuckRate = 20
Wing2MixMaxRate = 90
Wing2MixLuckRate = 20
Wing25MixMaxRate = 60
Wing25MixLuckRate = 20
Wing3MixMaxRate = 60
Wing3MixLuckRate = 10
Wing4MixMaxRate = 40
Wing4MixLuckRate = 25

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[News] [2021-09-25 04:25][No-Reset]Changelog #13 - New Mine System, Jewel, Fixes

Attention all players!
In this update we bring you urgent Fixes that has done, added new Mine System and new Exc Jewel!

[!] Fixed combo skill miss and visual effect isuse
[!] Fixed skill damage barrage display
[!] Fixed doppel ganger event reward coming with period
[!] Fixed inability to enter chaos castle
[!] Fixed inability to enter arca war event
[!] Fixed magic arrow packet send error
[!] Fixed triple shot skill stops causing damage after a while
[!] Improved cheats protection
[!] Fixed Game Server crash
[!] Fixed Elemental Defense Calc for Rune Wizard
[!] Changed Sword Blow skill to AoE type
[!] Fixed Pierce skill functionality
[!] Fixed labyrinth event add user issues
[!] Fixed Chaos Castle entry and mastery reward issues
[!] Fixed ability to abuse selection of boss zones by channel change system
[!] Fixed SpecialBuff checks
[!] Lucky Egg Bag can now be used in Trade
[!] Jewel of extension can now be sold to shop
[!] Mine System Activated Pickaxe can be found at the barmaid or potion girl
[!] Added Jewel of Excees - 20% upgrade success rate - Random Exc Options (upto 6 to Normal Items, 5 to Mastery)
[!] Added Jewel of Excees to drop from Boss Nix, Ferea, SOD
[!] Added Ruud Box, Jewel of Excees to X-Shop

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[News] [2021-09-18 12:25][Web]30% Bonus Promotion

Attention all players!

For a Limited time we offer 30% bonus on all donations! 
check Donate page to see the updated packages! 

updates about new upcoming Resets server from Haste Network will be posted soon!

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[News] [2021-09-10 00:00][No-Reset]Changelog #12 - 100x No Reset Server

[!] Fixed Errtels Rank 5 issue
[!] Fixed Summoner curse damage calc
[!] Fixed Solid Protection set options not working
[!] Fixed Strong Belief buffs functionality
[!] Fixed Game Server freeze issue
[!] Fixed Errtels mount in Pentagram
[!] Fixed Talisman of Luck in selection of mixes (now, if the talisman is set to overlapping, the maximum percent it may increase is value of overlap set in ItemList.xml)
[!] Fixed SD Elite potion functionality when used while being paralyzed
[!] Fixed mastery set item drop from Item Bags
[!] Fixed ETOL not working with Elemental Wing Option Level Up mix
[!] Fixed selection of improperly working options of Errtel of Blessing
[!] Fixed not working option of AG increase of Dinorant
[!] Fixed initialization of chaos box after failure of 4th Wings mix
[!] Fixed specific scenario when jewels are not paid after purchase from personal store
[!] Fixed invalid jewels count insert to GC after purchase in Personal Store (specific cases only)
[!] Fixed MasteryGrade attribute for selected items
[!] Changed BloodCastle to every 1 Hour during the whole day
[!] Added Chaos / Creation / Harmony Exchange option in Moss Mercent
[!] Added TOL / TOCA drop percentage in Moss Exchange for Zen
[!] Added Jewel of Luck percentage in Moss Exchange
[!] Fixed Monster Soul Convertion
[!] Fixed Fireblow skill formula
[!] Fixed animation of selected skills > Sword Blow, Death Ice, Death Fire, Bat Flock
[!] Fixed sculptures deletion on guardian mix
[!] Fixed CryWolf monsters spawn at invalid count after CW event
[!] Fixed items dupe issue

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