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Server Rates
Season: 16
Episode: 2
Type: No Reset
EXP: 100
Master EXP: 100
Majestic EXP: 100
Drop: Medium
Play to Win Build

Additional Information
Get FREE 7 Days 1st Lucky Set + Panda Pet + Panda Brown Ring With Every New Char!
Increased Jewels drop in all maps
Earn 10 GP for every online hour
Earn Random count of WCoins from general Events!
Earn Ruud from all Events!
Pickup Dark Jewels from General Drop! (*HOT*)
Pickup All Class high grade excellents from high maps
Pickup Expireable pet box to get 2~8 hours expireable pet! (*HOT*)
Pickup Ruud Box (3000) from general drop (*HOT*)
Pickup Golden Goblin Coin to earn Goblin Points (*HOT*)
Pickup upto 3 Excellent options from all kind of drops (Monster,Moss,Etc) *HOT*
Jewels, Potions and Droppable Ruud Box are Stack upto 250! (*HOT*)
Red Fenrir Adds 5 Exp, Blue 10 Exp, Black 20 Exp, Gold 30 Exp
Marked Spots on Minimap
Hidden Hot Spots

In-Game Shops
All Quest Items
All skills
All Potions
All Event (Wcoin) Tickets
Stats \ Skill Tree Reset
Inventory \ Vault expander

Moss Mercent Weapon Boxes
5M Zen each draw
Upto Lv 380 Weapons for ALL CLASSES
Upto 3 Excellent options
50% Luck Rate

Moss Unique Exchange System
Visit Moss Mercent in order to: 
Trade 50 Bless for 1 Miracle Coin
Exchange 50 Bless for 100 Soul
Exchange 100 Soul for 50 Bless

Moss Mercent Full Drop List

Chaos Machine [PlusItemLevel]:
Mix10Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 75
Mix11Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 70
Mix12Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 65
Mix13Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 60
Mix14Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 55
Mix15Rate_Normal/Enhanced/Socket = 50
MixAddLuckRate_Normal/Enhanced = 25

Mix10Rate_Pentagram = 95
Mix11Rate_Pentagram = 90
Mix12Rate_Pentagram = 85
Mix13Rate_Pentagram = 80
Mix14Rate_Pentagram = 75
Mix15Rate_Pentagram = 70

FeatherOfCondorMaxRate = 60

CapeOfLordMixMaxRate = 90
CapeOfLordMixLuckRate = 20

Wing2MixMaxRate = 90
Wing2MixLuckRate = 20

Wing25MixMaxRate = 60
Wing25MixLuckRate = 20

Wing3MixMaxRate = 60
Wing3MixLuckRate = 50

Wing4MixMaxRate = 40
Wing4MixLuckRate = 25


more upcoming information soon. 
please note that server is in official beta and will launched at 10/08/21 for grand opening.

Welcome abroad MU Online players from all over the world.
Please NOTE that all details on-site except News is out-dated. in the next few days there will be a big change in the web system, Thanks for understanding.

The story of this server goes long back to the good old days that you could get everything by yourself, hunting mobs and pickup the rewards.
There has been a great affrot delivering this unique build, that came to this moment, when it all clear and now we can start playing again!

Haste MU PROMISES you a Stable Server, Long Term without ANY commintments.
Medium advance of gaming experience, a REAL 100x Server without dynamic system, no lies.
Our goal is that YOU will level up pretty fast even if you have basic exp from minimal affort.
Every thought in the server is made for YOU.
NO MORE collecting any kind of boxes to get jewels, from now and on you loot all jewels from the floor, Dark Jewels included.
Convenient Goblin shop that offer 2\3rd wings, panda pet\ring and more.
NO Full option items! maximum drop of exc options in the server is 3.
Active Unique events from the Game Masters.

10-08-21 - Remmber that date,
Register and stay tuned!



Beta Client has launched to Download Section,

Do not forget to Join our Discord Channel!

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Server Info

VersionSeason 16
Master Experience100x
Total Accounts103
Total Characters134
Total Guilds2
Online Users27

Top Level+

GuardianEmpire Lord1,200
XukaNoble Elf1,005
NobitaDragon Knight1,005
DoremonEmpire Lord1,003
ImpossibleDragon Knight927
JockerDragon Knight921