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[News] [2021-09-10 00:00][No-Reset]Changelog #12 - 100x No Reset Server

[!] Fixed Errtels Rank 5 issue
[!] Fixed Summoner curse damage calc
[!] Fixed Solid Protection set options not working
[!] Fixed Strong Belief buffs functionality
[!] Fixed Game Server freeze issue
[!] Fixed Errtels mount in Pentagram
[!] Fixed Talisman of Luck in selection of mixes (now, if the talisman is set to overlapping, the maximum percent it may increase is value of overlap set in ItemList.xml)
[!] Fixed SD Elite potion functionality when used while being paralyzed
[!] Fixed mastery set item drop from Item Bags
[!] Fixed ETOL not working with Elemental Wing Option Level Up mix
[!] Fixed selection of improperly working options of Errtel of Blessing
[!] Fixed not working option of AG increase of Dinorant
[!] Fixed initialization of chaos box after failure of 4th Wings mix
[!] Fixed specific scenario when jewels are not paid after purchase from personal store
[!] Fixed invalid jewels count insert to GC after purchase in Personal Store (specific cases only)
[!] Fixed MasteryGrade attribute for selected items
[!] Changed BloodCastle to every 1 Hour during the whole day
[!] Added Chaos / Creation / Harmony Exchange option in Moss Mercent
[!] Added TOL / TOCA drop percentage in Moss Exchange for Zen
[!] Added Jewel of Luck percentage in Moss Exchange
[!] Fixed Monster Soul Convertion
[!] Fixed Fireblow skill formula
[!] Fixed animation of selected skills > Sword Blow, Death Ice, Death Fire, Bat Flock
[!] Fixed sculptures deletion on guardian mix
[!] Fixed CryWolf monsters spawn at invalid count after CW event
[!] Fixed items dupe issue

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